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One-On-One Sessions

Includes Private Tutoring and Behaviour Consultations

Private Tutoring

Offered by Sophie Buck or Nicole Tryon

In most cases, either a group class or a behaviour consultation is a better fit for you to meet your training goals. For basic obedience, distraction training is an important part of your dog’s education. Group classes offer built-in distractions for your dog to learn how to work through that private sessions do not. For behaviours such as aggression or separation anxiety, a behaviour consultation will address your needs more appropriately than a private lesson. However, there are exceptions to the rule and we are happy to help when one-on-training is the most appropriate course.

Consider Private Tutoring When:
  • You would like to go more in-depth in your training with a skill covered in class that you or your dog find particularly challenging
  • You and your dog need help with obedience training but they are not appropriate for a group class due to a behaviour issue that you are working on separately in a behaviour consultation
  • You have a schedule that does not allow for a regularly scheduled group class
  • You need help with a specific training challenge that is not covered in group classes but does not require a behaviour consultation

$90 (includes tax) for a 50 minute session and a personalized training plan that will be emailed to you after class.

To book a private session, please click HERE to fill out our One-on-One Session form. Upon receipt of this form, our trainers will co-ordinate with each other to determine who is the best fit for your needs and contact you to schedule a session.

Behaviour Consultations

Offered by Nicole Tryon

For more complex behaviours, more in-depth help may necessary. Our behaviour consultations take into account exactly what you and your dog are struggling with to come up with a training plan designed just for you.

Consider a Behaviour Consultation if Your Dog Struggles With:
  • Aggression
  • Reactivity
  • Resource Guarding
  • Separation Anxiety
  • General Anxiety
  • Fear
  • And more – Please reach out to us if you need further guidance
What to Expect When You Sign Up:

Our behaviour consultation package includes 3 one hour sessions. After each session, you will be emailed a training plan designed to meet your specific needs. This plan will include homework exercises for you to work on with your dog.

The first session will take place virtually. This can be a video call or a phone call, depending on what you prefer. If you would like to do an in-person session, you can attend it here at the Dog Training Studio, but that is not necessary. At this time, your behaviour consultant will go over foundation skills to start training with your dog in addition to talking to you and your family to better understand your specific circumstances.

For the following two sessions, you can do virtual, in-studio, or in-home appointments; however, at least one of them is strongly recommended to be done in-home to address the behaviours where they occur. These sessions will be more hands-on than the initial session so be prepared to train.


$450 (includes tax) for the initial 3 one hour sessions and ongoing support via email

$125 (includes tax) for any additional sessions if you feel like you need more support

*For in-home sessions that are outside of Barrie or Orillia, there may be additional charges to cover your behaviour consultant’s mileage. Please contact us for more information.

To book a behaviour consultation, please click HERE to fill out our One-on-One Session form. Upon receipt of this form, our behaviour consultant will reach out to you to set up an appointment time.