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What Makes Our Classes Stand Out?

Small Class Sizes

In order to provide our students with the best experience possible, we have a maximum of 3 dogs per class (and only 2 for Scent Club). This means our instructors can give students more individual attention while still giving you the benefits group classes offer like socialization and built-in distractions. These small class sizes mean our instructors get to know you and your dog better and you get more individualized help.

Knowledgable Instructors

Both Sophie and Nicole bring years of experience working with many different breeds and training challenges to the studio. They each have their own areas of specialized expertise on top of a rock-solid baseline of behaviour theory, so you know you are getting top-quality instruction from your teachers when you sign up for our classes. Our instructors’ credentials demonstrate our commitment to continuing education and professionalism.

Science-Based Approaches to Training

The science behind behaviour is always evolving and our classes use the most up-to-date training methodology that experts have proved to be the best way to change your dog’s behaviour and teach them new things. When you attend classes with us, you can be confident you will learn how to train your dog with humane, reward-based methods backed by science. All our training is force-free and looks at why behaviour happens so we can address your dog’s challenges.

Types of Classes

Obedience and Manners

These classes help your dog learn the basics any dog should know to navigate through life. Junior Kindergarten is for puppies under 5 months old looking to get the best start to life possible. Adult Education is for dogs over 5 months old who need to get started with training or who need a refresher on some skills.

Click on the class name below to learn more and sign up:

Junior Kindergarten

Adult Education


These classes are for dogs who have learned the basics (although they don’t have to be experts in obedience) and are looking to learn new skills for enrichment and mental stimulation. Keeping your dog’s brain engaged is an important part of their care and our extracurricular classes help you do just that.

Click on the class name below to learn more and sign up:

Tricks Club

Scent Club

Don’t See What You’re Looking For?

We also offer one-on-one sessions to address more specific training and behaviour challenges. Click HERE to learn more about our Private Tutoring and Behaviour Consultations. You can also email us at if you have questions about what to sign up for.