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COVID-19 Updates


Update: January 2, 2023

  • Clients are allowed to be present for their pet’s examinations.
  • Staff are encouraged to continue wearing masks and socially distance where possible. Mask-wearing for clients is encouraged but optional.
  • If you have tested positive for COVID-19, please refrain from entering our hospital. If possible, please reschedule your pet’s appointment, have a family member or friend attend the appointment, or ask for staff to perform the examination from your vehicle.
  • Curb side pick-up and patient drop-off optional.
  • Telemedicine appointments available.


In all circumstances, it is necessary to follow all public health recommendations to prevent the spread of COVID-19. This includes physical distancing, screening, personal protective equipment, face coverings, and safety plans.


Be Attentive to Public Health Measures: The College strongly recommends that veterinarians follow all public health recommendations. In delivering services, be attentive to public health directives and your infection control and biosecurity protocols to safeguard employees, clients and animals. Your local public health unit can assist you with further details.

Support your health: These are stressful times and we encourage you to be attentive to your own health and well-being as we navigate these unprecedented challenges. The College has partnered with to provide a free, confidential service to support the health, well-being and resilience of veterinarians. Veterinarians who need support are encouraged to contact Homewood Health (1-866-750-3207) for assistance.

There is no doubt the global pandemic has been a tremendous burden and the veterinary profession has experienced that. It is important that veterinary practices are permitted to remain open so the public and their animals have access to safe, quality veterinary care. As veterinarians, you have continuously risen to the occasion to protect your health, and the health of your staff, clients and animals during the pandemic. That journey continues and the College appreciates your determination and hard work.

Additional Resources:

  1. OVMA’s Provincial shutdown FAQS
  2. COVID-19: provincewide shutdown:
  3. The provincial government has provided recommendations to businesses that provide veterinary services including measures to decrease the potential for exposure to COVID-19 to protect the safety of clients and staff. See: (includes information on workers’ rights and employers’ responsibilities)
  4. The OVMA has also posted information. See:
  5. All College updates for veterinarians can be found at:

In all scenarios, you can contact their local Public Health Unit for more direction, if required. Visit the government’s website to find your local Public Health Unit. Individuals can take the Ministry of Health’s online Self-Assessment.