Dr. Uvisthra Singh

Core Veterinary Skills

Double board-certified General Practitioner in the United Kingdom and Canada with 18 years of advanced veterinary experience and training in: 

  1. Advance Soft Tissue Surgical Training
  2. Companion Animal Clinician – Canine & Feline Medicine, Surgery and Diagnostics
  3. Emergency, Critical Care and Internal Medicine Training
  4. Certified in minimally invasive Endoscopy procedures (London, UK)
  5. Ultrasonography Imaging

I grew up in a small rural farming community in South Africa in the late ’70s and ’80s.  A deep-seated connection with animals began while horse-riding on our ‘sugar-cane’ plantation in South Africa. My great grandparents were recruited under British colonial rule in the 1860s to work as ‘indentured labourers’ in establishing the ‘sugar’ industry in the province of Kwa-Zulu Natal in South Africa.

After completing my ‘Veterinary Medicine & Surgery’ training in South Africa (2002), I had a profound yearning to practice veterinary care compassionately, and to the highest order. As an ambitious new graduate, I emigrated to England immediately after graduation, embarking on a career that would span 13 years in London, UK.

My ‘life-purpose’ is to provide veterinary medicine and honour the ‘human-animal’ bond, at every opportunity and to influence the lives of humans and animals positively.

In 2016 my wife, a Canadian citizen and Canadian Board-Certified Family Physician, and I decided to make Canada and Barrie our ‘forever’ home. We love Barrie as a city and place to raise a family, and after living on three continents, I believe that Canada is the best country in the World.

During the last four years, since entering Ontario, I have worked at numerous well-established veterinary hospitals in the Barrie and the surrounding area of Simcoe and Muskoka. I have a well-established name in Barrie and the surrounding area. I have aggerated numerous online professional web reviews. Local Veterinary clinics where I have worked as an associate and contract ‘locum’ veterinarian are :

  1. Innisfil Veterinary Hospital,
  2. VCA O’Sullivans Animal Hospital, Barrie
  3. Muskoka Animal Hospital, Huntsville
  4. Chidiac Animal Hospital, Waverley Clinic
  5. Chidiac Animal Hospital, Gravenhurst Clinic
  6. Allandale Veterinary Hospital, Barrie
  7. Vaughan-Richmond Hill Veterinary Emergency Clinic, Richmond Hill
  8. Holland Landing Animal Hospital, Bradford
  9. Town and Country Animal Hospital, Stouffville

Dr. Singh Now that a little time has passed, I just wanted to say thank you so much for your care of Madison. You were there on one of the hardest days of my life... yet I was calmed by the fact it was you taking the time and showing her love before she got to go rest . She was my best friend in the World.. she will be terribly missed .. but i know she is not in any more pain. I will always positively think of you. Not as the Dr. that was in a hurry, and it messed up his schedule.... but as the Dr. Who showed so much love and concern. Thank you, Dr. Singh, for being there. You are a wonderful veterinarian

Sherri Trace

I had the absolute pleasure of working with Dr. Singh and my dog with Lupus. I have never had such a thorough exam of one of my babies before and have gone through many doctors to find this kind of compassion and understanding of how much I love my babies. I treat my babies holistically, and I didn't feel judgement with this, and he worked so well with what I like to do with my loves. My biggest thing when it comes to severe conditions and awaiting results is that I get them back as fast as they can, and he not only gave me the results by email ASAP, he explained it all in an email. Thank you for making my dreams come true with the health care of my fur babies...<3

Stacey Bowman

The transition to finding a veterinarian was found at the historic schoolhouse, a landmark located in Waverly. Doctors Chidiac and Singh show genuine affection for one's pet and or pets. Both our family pets, one a young pup, and the other a cat have visited the Chidiac Animal Hospital, and not only are the pets happy with the care, but so are the humans. Caring and being responsible for animals can be difficult for the owners. However, the vets, nurses, along with the staff, make it a little less daunting. It is helpful that any questions are answered, no matter how trivial it may seem. How refreshing it is to discuss various topics that may be of an individual pet owner's opinion and conflict with another's professional teaching but is always answered with respect. No person that has concerns is left in doubt, and the kindness shown to the animals is outstanding. A bonus is having a question of importance being answered via the wonder of the internet. A sense of humour, at the appropriate time, is also appreciated. It is good for men and beast.

Jean Taylor

AMAZING... Dr. Singh and his staff are the best. Dr. Singh has been our Vet for a few years now. His passion and love for animals is nothing like I have ever seen. He saved my dog, Ozzy, two years ago and went above and beyond for us. He would always stay in contact with us and see how Ozzy is doing. Recently we lost Ozzy as he was 16 yrs and suffering from seizures. Dr. Singh gave us comfort and helped us with our grieving when we lost Ozzy. Thank you, Dr. Singh, for being the best Vet in the World. We have a cat named Sabby, and I know Sabby is always in the best of hands with him. Also, Thank you to his wonderful staff for all of their help. Rachel and the ladies. You're the best Mark Rae

Mark Rae

The team is truly amazing. They treat every one of our dogs like they are their own. I highly recommend this clinic to everyone who wants the best for their animals. In a time of "big pharma" style veterinary medicine, Chidiac has stayed true to putting care first. I never feel pressured or rushed during my appointments. As a professional dog trainer, I have dealt with my share of vets and clinics, finding a gem like Chidiac is priceless. The staff go above and beyond and bust their butts day in and day out to do the absolute best. I consider myself lucky to be one of their clients

Janet Hanley

We had a sick little puppy, and we took him to the Chidiac Animal Hospital a few days before Christmas. We had the pleasure of having Dr. Singh as our Vet that evening. To say that I was impressed would be an understatement. He took his time and spent close to 1 hour consulting with us regarding our puppy's condition. If that wasn't enough, he followed up with a couple of messages & phone calls over the next week. Not only is this the best service we've ever had from a Vet, it's probably the best service I've had with any type of business - period!!! Winston, our puppy, is very thankful for Dr. Singh 🙂

Mark Linnemoller

We drive from Barrie for the excellent service our Aussie gets on every visit! Our breeder takes all her Aussies to Chidiac Animal Hospital, and we continued taking her there. They are always friendly, support our decision and provide advice when asked. They are never pushy, and we never feel like we are put on the spot. Today was our first time seeing Dr. Singh, and we were very impressed! We couldn't be happier with the office!


I am totally blown away by the greatest care given to Vinnie, my Weimaraner. I am totally in awe of Uvi. Vinnie is a very difficult dog to befriend, and I took him to Goddards because he had a severe allergic reaction on his back legs, which resulted in acute hair loss. Uvi's constant concern and care for my dog was beyond belief; he even phoned to find out how he was doing on his medication, so thoughtful. Uvi talked me through all the medication doses, side effects and even wrote out a plan on reducing his meds Uvi made me feel like my dog was the most important pet to him. Uvi actually told me he would not rest until he made Vinnie feel better and that he certainly has done. The skin on his back legs looks supple and healthy. Also, the hair is starting to grow back. I am so sorry that Uvi will be leaving the Chingford branch. I will miss him because he went the extra mile for Vinnie and me. Ruth


I had the extreme good fortune for my elderly, underweight Siamese cat, to be attended by your locum Uvi. In 35 years, I have been fortunate enough to meet three outstanding vets. Of those three vets, I would actually rate Uvi as the most outstanding. He thoroughly assessed my cat and gave me an honest & expert opinion that concluded that her treatment options might prove more hazardous than her existing condition. Furthermore, he went on to identify a hypertension condition during a subsequent unrelated examination. The previously undiagnosed hypertension could quite likely have proved fatal during anesthesia for her dental work. Had Uvi proceeded regardless, I could have lost the cat & GVG would have lost a customer with two other cats. My only regret is that Uvi, as a locum, is moving on to work at Dagenham. If you happen to live nearby, I thoroughly recommend a visit for your pet.


Many thanks for your kind remarks about Uvi, who actually we have known for about ten years now and who used to be based in Wanstead Vet Hospital. We are indeed grateful for his services and understand the importance of providing our clients with good quality locum cover when their regular Vet is away. We wish our regular Vet, Emma well as she recovers from injury.