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Behavioral Consultation Package $400 + HST

We can help you with behaviour challenges that you’re having
with your dog.

Some examples of the behaviours we can help you with:
• Resource Guarding
• Reactivity on Leash
• Aggression towards humans
• Aggression towards other dogs
• Fear/anxiety
• Hyperactivity
• Separation Anxiety
• Any other behaviour challenges you have

What the Consultation Package Includes:

Immediately upon signing up:
• Extensive review of the current behaviour challenges
• A detailed behaviour and health history will be taken
• Doing this ahead of time of your in-person session saves valuable time so we can get right to work at our first session

Initial in-person session 90 minutes
• On site
• You’ll be given a clear step by step management and training plan you can start right away
• You’ll practice hands on foundation exercises specific to your dog’s behaviour challenges during the session
• We’ll discuss prognosis and goals
• Any questions or concerns you have will be discussed

Following your initial in-person session:
• you’ll practice specific exercises assigned to you in your training and management plan
• you’ll send in assigned behaviour updates of your dog’s behaviour changes as you progress through the training and
management plan

Second in-person session 90 minutes
• can be on site or in “real world”
• progress will be assessed
• management and training protocols will be adjusted in response to your dog’s behaviour changes and progress
• you’ll practice modified foundation exercises as well as newly assigned ones that will be added to your training and management plan

Following your second in-person session
• you’ll be expected to continue sending in progress reports as you move through the revised training and management plan assigned to you in your second in-person session
• you’ll have 45 days of follow up support after your second in-person session

Additional Sessions $140 – 90 Minute Session
These are usually for more complicated cases, for those who have multiple behaviour challenges they’re working on or for those who want continued in-person support in the “real world” as their dog’s behaviour progresses towards their goals.

If you need help in these areas, please reach out to book a behaviour consultation by clicking below.