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Are you a special DVM ready to fulfill your passion in VETERINARY MEDICINE?


Because you are passionate about your career and your love for pets and pet parents. You recognize that your own personal health, self-fulfillment, career growth, and LONGEVITY in the industry are important to sustain and fuel your desire to perform to your utmost ability. Do you endeavour to practice with purposeful intention at every thought, moment, and action?
Perhaps you feel as though your life mission has stalled? Do you wish to re-ignite that FIRE in your heart for VETERINARY DEVOTION?

Our vision, mission, and core fundamentals are spelled out on our website!

We are growing! We are a new start-up hospital in Barrie, and we are the new era in veterinary care. We offer state-of-the-art facilities combined with an old-school personable approach.

We strive to promote a culture that serves the love and passion for the advancement of your career. Get paid to eat! Get paid to rest! Get paid to sleep!
Because a team who is rested and happy cares more and performs more efficiently and productively.

Work with the latest and best veterinary technology to create higher efficiencies, values, and client satisfaction.
Help create a system that builds happy and peaceful client and staff relationships.
Be part of a brand culture where communication and, above all else, ‘what is best’ for the patient always comes first!

We believe in a strong emphasis on ‘NO UPSELLING’ helps build lifelong pet-parent relationships underpinned by TRUST, INTEGRITY, and TRANSPARENCY.

Your core values are HONESTY, INTEGRITY, and COMPASSION – these are skills you are born with. We are into building long-term and sustainable relationships within our team and clientele.

Our offer to you:

  • An HR brand that is as important as our CLIENT BRAND.
  • Above-average market-related salary linked to skills and performance – full-time, part-time, or contract locum.
  • No marathon shifts, usually between 8 to 12 hours.
  • Flexible scheduling to fit mothers with children or others who want more time off to enjoy the benefits of free personal time.
  • Child care subsidy OR company vehicle.
  • Job share for enhanced flexibility.
  • Long-term career reward and growth.
  • CE allowance of $2,500 per annum.
  • Paid CVO, VIN, and OVMA dues.
  • 3 weeks of vacation per annum.
  • Health and medical insurance. We want you to be healthy in mind, body, and spirit.

You will enjoy having the following:

  • Paperless and fully integrated Cornerstone and Idexx diagnostic and practice management system.
  • Fully air-conditioned and spacious 3500 sq feet hospital with three spacious ergonomically-designed exam rooms with the latest computers and a separate cat and dog ward.
  • A separate, spacious dental suite with a wide array of the latest dental equipment, including oral digital radiography, the latest in dental elevators (Dr. Bretts Pets) and burs and a high-end dental machine. We have mastered the approach to two-staged dental COHAT where indicated.
  • A separate, spacious, dedicated surgical suite supported with a high-end VALLEYLAB FORCE FX ELECTROSURGICAL UNIT, a 3M Bair Hugger, IV fluid warmers, state of the art vital parameter monitor with capnography – because surgery and anesthesia is our passion.
  • The latest top-of-the-line SURGICAL CUTTING LASER BY AESCULIGHT with tip-less probes for advanced soft tissue surgeries such as BOAS surgeries – because it matters to us how the patient heals and recovers after surgery
  • A GE LOGIC ULTRASOUND scanner with three probes for cardiology/pediatrics, high-resolution linear probe and convex probe.
  • A state-of-the-art Class IV THERAPEUTIC LASER for pain and inflammation management – because we are passionate about multi-modal analgesia.
  • Fully integrated top-of-the-line full-body digital radiography system fully integrated with our Proactive Management System to make referrals for specialist radiology reporting a breeze.
  • Fully integrated CARDIOPET for EKG analysis.
  • Top-of-the-line microscope with digital high-definition camera for cytology capture and presentation to clients during an examination – because we believe and find cytology fun and rewarding.
  • A full REPRODUCTION Lab with state-of-the-art KARL STORZ TRANS-CERVICAL SCOPES and a FULL DIGITAL SEMEN EVALUATION for our high-calibre and pleasant breeder clients.
  • Personable conferencing facility via iPAD ZOOM consultations during full lockdown COVID periods.
  • Fully serviced and supported Telemedicine platform for Smart Vet.
  • Onsite hematology, biochemistry, and urine analysis labs compliments of the latest offerings by IDEXX.
  • MOST importantly, the COMPLETE SUPPORT of a highly skilled and experienced team of RVTs and client specialists who are always happy to help support you get the best out of client communication, time, efficiency and relationships – critical in helping you practice your best medicine with every pet kid and pet parent!
  • An RVT nurse during your examinations to help support high calibre medicine and communications.
  • A LEADER & COLLEAGUE who is passionately devoted to serving his family team, pet parents, and pet kids.

If our hospital sounds like your calling, please click the link below to apply. Please send a cover letter with a brief introduction of yourself and your resume.