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Adult Education

$275 (includes HST)

(Over 5 months old)

Taught by Nicole Tryon

Young and old dogs can learn new tricks! Whether you have adopted a new rescue dog, have an adult pooch who never attended puppy classes, or have a teenager who is testing their limits and needs a tune-up on their manners, we are here to help you teach your dog some basic obedience and manners.

Our group classes are designed to bring you the best dog training in Barrie. We have a maximum of three dogs in a class so your lessons include the benefits of having other dogs and people as distractions, but you will still get lots of individual attention from your teacher like you would if you were booking private training.

This class is for dogs five months of age or older who needs help with
the following:
  • Sit, down and stay
  • Loose leash walking
  • Coming when called
  • Jumping up
  • Leave it
  • Barking for food and attention
  • And more!

Class runs once a week for 6 weeks on the same day and time each week.


*Please note that this class is not meant to help with aggression, reactivity, or other behaviour issues. If you do need help in these areas, please reach out to the clinic directly for a referral.

Upcoming Start Dates:

Wednesday, July 31st at 6:00pm – Click HERE to register