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The human-animal bond can be profound and life-long.

This delicate bond makes the veterinarian a vital link in the relationship between humans and their pets.

On the one hand, veterinarians must take a realistic view of our pets such that we can assure quality of life and longevity. On the other hand, advances in veterinary medicine make it possible for veterinarians to provide virtually the same level of medical care for a pet as we have for us humans.

The key to understanding the connection between human beings and their pet kids is living and breathing the core values of a “bond-centric practice.” It cannot be a “job.” It is the fuel to our inherent happiness and life mission!

Our Pet Care Consultants are fully aware and in sync with the Pet Parent’s loving relationship with their pet kids. We strive to communicate with Pet Parent’s empathetically, warmly, and respectfully, so you feel our genuine connection with your pet kid.

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Our Vision

We are an Animal Hospital where Pet Parents are promised that we are emotional beings born to serve the ‘human-animal’ bond.

We build trust.

We are empathetic.

We are veterinary medicine with compassion!

Our pillars are Trust, Communication, Compassion, and Understanding.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to build and maintain trust with you so together we can create the most comfortable life for your pet kid.

Their world ‘begins’ and ‘ends’ with us… We owe it to them to make every second of their existence count!

Our Pillars



Our hospital is a place where we are empowered and accountable. Our team is cohesive and works as one. Our philosophy will cause the world to notice how we serve animals and humans in an extraordinary manner.


Our hospital prioritizes the acquisition of knowledge, wisdom, and skills.This makes us the most valued advocates for the human-animal bond.


Implementing high standards of care in a flexible and humble role. Partnering with the strongest veterinary leaders to support the highest levels of medicine, surgery, and infrastructure, we promise to be at the forefront of veterinary medicine in a natural and down-to-earth advisory role.


We understand the integration of Eastern and Western Medicine, with the need for open and safe collaboration. ‘What is best for the animal patient’ is our only agenda!

Meet the Team

A team with a common mission who are highly professional, continually educated, kind and honest. Our fuel is to serve and help animals and humans because it feeds our souls.

Meet Our Team

Our Services

Accessible, friendly & ‘old-fashioned’ service and approachability
Consultation Services
  • Personable and Individualized Medical Care
  • Surgical Interventions in Advanced and Orthopedic Surgery
  • Dental and Oral Surgery
  • Breeder-Focused Reproductive Medicine
  • Alternative and Naturopathic Treatments
  • Therapeutic Laser Therapy
Medical Programs
  • High Value Preventative Care Plans
  • Annual Preventative Dental Care Plans
  • Seriously Attractive Loyalty Rates and Privileges – For Those Who Believe in Us, We Would Like to Give Back to You
  • Prescribed Low Allergenic Nutrition Plans
  • Risk Profiling with Low Vaccine Strategies
Surgical Care
  • Advanced Oral and Dental Surgery
  • High Value Sterilization Surgeries (Spays & Neuters) with Uncompromising Patient Safety
  • Advanced Orthopedic Services
  • Advanced Soft Tissue, Cancer and Trauma Surgery
  • Elective Breeder-Focused, Planned Cesarean Sections
  • Now offering CO2 Laser Surgery
On Site Rapid Lab and Diagnostic Imaging

‘Faster than you will have for yourself’

  • Rapid Complete Blood Count, Urinalysis and Organ Function Assessments
  • Advanced Digital Radiography Equipment with Board Certified Reports
  • Ultrasonographic Scans with Board Certified Reports
  • Advanced Oral-Dental Radiography
  • Breeder-Focused Progesterone Assays for Optimal Fertility
  • Blood-Borne Parasite Testing

Online Resources

Browse our collection of pet education resources and online tools to help you better understand and manage your pet’s health and medical needs.

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