Behavioral Consultation Dog Training

Cost $400 + HST for two sessions. Additional sessions are $140 + HST each.

One-on-one specifically tailored training for dogs to help with aggression, reactivity, or other behaviour issues.

Behaviour Consultations include a full review of your dog’s behaviour challenge(s) and a detailed history will be taken. The initial in-person session is approximately 90 minutes long and the second follow up in-person session is approximately 60 minutes. It is expected that the client will send progress reports, as assigned, in between the two sessions
We can help with the following behaviour challenges:
  • Resource Guarding
  • Reactivity on Leash
  • Aggression towards humans
  • Aggression towards other dogs
  • Fear/anxiety
  • Hyperactivity
  • Separation Anxiety
  • Housetraining Issues with Adult Dog
  • Other behavioural concerns you may have
Behavior Consultations begin with an extensive review of the current behaviour challenges. A detailed history of your dog’s health and behavior will be taken prior to your first in-person session so that we can be prepared to get right to work at your first session.
Prior to your first in-person session:
The current behavior challenge will be extensively reviewed.
A detailed history of your dog’s health and behavior will be taken.
For your first in-person session you will:
Be given and have a chance to practice some foundation exercises specific to your dog’s behaviour challenges.
Discuss prognosis, set clear goals for the outcome of the behavior modification plan and set an approximate time line to be followed.
Have the opportunity to ask any questions or address concerns about your dog’s behaviour.
Be given a clear step by step management and training plan to be put in place immediately.
Following your initial in-person session you will:
Send in regular updates on your dog’s behaviour as you execute and practice the assigned management and training plan and keep track of your dog’s changing behaviour.
A second in-person session is included with all behaviour consultations. Progress will be assessed and management and training protocols will be tweaked to continue the progress made and keep the momentum moving forward towards your goals.
Follow-up email and text help is included for 30 days after each in-person session. It is expected that you’ll send progress reports and/or questions at regular intervals in between your in-person sessions.
If you need help in these areas, please reach out to book a behaviour consultation by contacting us below.